Improve the Productivity of your Factory Automation Systems with Lightweight Gears and Actuators

After sliding from its peak more than 25 years ago, U.S. manufacturing appears to be on the way back. Factory automation is a critical element enabling U.S. manufacturing companies to effectively compete in the global marketplace. To maintain this competitive trend, modern robotic and automation systems require higher precision and faster speeds than ever before.


When to Replace a Pump

A frequent question in the Fluid Power industry is, “when or how often should I replace my pump?” The truthful but unsatisfying answer is, “it depends”. It depends on a multitude of factors, operating conditions, age, duty cycle, and performance to name a few. There are, however, some key indicators that point to a pumps […]


Spectral Decomposition: Coordinated control of fast- and slow-tool servo actuators

As demands for machine productivity increase, there is a growing interest in the use of fast-tool servos in motion control applications. These actuators have a very high bandwidth, but typically a very limited travel range. Examples include voice-coil motors, piezo crystals, laser galvanometers and magnetostrictive transducers. Our latest application note describes Spectral Decomposition, a new […]


Why medical equipment housings are cracking and material selections that can help prevent it

This white paper tells of the industry-wide problem of cracking in medical equipment housings and why procedures to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s) can lead to the cracking of polymers used in the devices. The paper, authored by PolyOne, also identifies which polymers best resist cracking, and is available here.


The Advantages of Coin Silver

20 years of rotation for a slip ring in a typical wind turbine application is equivalent to approximately 30,000 miles of contact sliding. Learn about the advantages of solid coin silver rings in high revolution applications, such as wind turbines, in contrast to other offerings in the marketplace including silver, gold, or other precious metal […]