What is the value of one more panel?

In the past year, US residential PV system sizes have grown by an average of 20 percent from a 5kW system to a 6kW system. Meanwhile, PV system prices have dropped by about 10 cents/watt per quarter. What is the best way for a solar company to weather these transitions? Our analysis into this question […]


3D Printing and the Future of Manufacturing

3D printing is transforming the manufacturing industry in big ways. From realized design freedom to supply chain efficiencies, 3D printing is contributing largely to the recent upswing in reshoring manufacturing in North America. Read the latest white paper from Stratasys Service Bureaus to learn how 3D printing will continue to transform the industry in the […]


Selecting Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies for Reliable Performance Over Time

A new white paper from W. L. Gore & Associates evaluates the durability and performance over time of several 18-GHz microwave/RF cable assemblies described as having a ruggedized construction with similar specifications. The study shows how reliable performance of microwave/RF cable assemblies with longer service life and reduced equipment downtime results in lower costs for […]


Making Mid-Lifecycle Design Changes Effective

Don’t wait until the next generation of a product to add new capabilities. Today, technology is simply changing too fast to delay making a change, and advances in design and integration techniques are changing everything. There are a number of scenarios in which implementation of a mid-lifecycle design change makes sense. In our white paper, […]


Optimized inverter technology: The top choice of rocket scientists

For years, designers have turned to central inverters for larger commercial installations. But with the recent changes in the NEC code and the increasing complexity in commercial design, leading installation companies like Amberjack Solar Energy LLC are looking more at optimized inverters. SolarEdge offers an optimized inverter solution that simplifies commercial design by offsetting module […]