Why You Should Consider a Stainless Acme Lead Screw

Acme lead screw assemblies are the preferred choice of many when it comes to linear motion applications, partially because they’re very flexible, coming in “many flavors” so to speak. One example of this is simply how many material combinations are available between the screw and the nut. To name a few, nuts are available in […]


Smoothing the Transition from Design to Manufacture: Best Practices

Learn how to smooth the transition from design to manufacturing. Any disconnect in the design-to-manufacturing hand-off can slow time to market and create the potential for customer dissatisfaction – and put a huge dent in your bottom line. In our white paper, you’ll learn about: Avoiding late-stage production issues Estimating the complexity of the assembly […]


Hybrid plastic rollers improve sliding door performance.

Of all the maintenance headaches associated with sliding doors, rollers cause most of the pain. Metal rollers, while still the default choice for heavy doors, require ongoing lubrication. And even when properly lubricated, metal rollers will eventually wear and need replacement. Or worse from a maintenance-cost perspective, the metal rollers will wear out their expensive steel door tracks. Complete the […]


Redesign Improves High-Speed Can Making Machine

Solving a costly lubrication problem triggers unexpected productivity improvements Can making equipment is nothing if not specialized. Yet the subsystems found on these machines offer a number of design lessons that can be applied more broadly by any engineer working to improve the performance and reliability of high-speed equipment. Consider, for example, the cam-driven ram […]


Polymers Outperform Metals In Precision Gearing

Gears, especially in open gearing applications, share a set of well-known performance problems that crop up again and again across many different applications. The most common ones include excessive noise, vibration, heat, weight and corrosion. Gears also tend to be either over-lubricated or subject to wear, which respectively causes contamination from grease or metal particles. […]