Production Floor Trends: Justifying Additive Manufacturing through Jigs & Fixtures

To designers, engineers and product managers, the value of additive manufacturing machines for rapid prototyping is unquestionable. Yet, in spite of the obvious value, it may not be clear how to convince the management and accounting departments that the benefits justify the capital expenditure. The challenge is two-fold: 1) Conveying the value in objective terms […]


Electropolishing : The Final Step In Prototyping

Enhancing Your Metal Parts For Accelerated Speed To Market Electropolishing is often referred to as a “reverse plating” process. Electrochemical in nature, electropolishing uses a combination of rectified current and a blended chemical electrolyte bath to remove flaws from the surface of a metal part. When speed to market is critical, electropolishing offers the necessary […]


Why Real-time Industrial Ethernet?

In order to develop Ethernet-based, but real-time capable fieldbuses, manufacturers have pursued various approaches in their efforts to eliminate such delays. These solutions are commonly referred to as “Real-time Industrial Ethernet” technologies. This booklet will introduce you to POWERLINK, which has become one of the most successful Real-time Industrial Ethernet systems in the world today. […]


Wind Turbine Transmission Study

The HDU 15/25 PV series of off-line fine filters are especially designed for the filtration of high viscosity lubricants on wind turbine transmissions. The large by-pass valve ensures a controlled operation of the filter systems, even at very low temperatures.


3D Printing with Color

Your application will help you decide what color quality you require in a 3D printer. Whether you’re printing conceptual models, architectural models, figurines, medical models or artistic pieces, color is clearly important for your 3D models. But to get true, life-like color, there is no alternative the the ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology from 3D Systems. […]