8 Steps for Ensuring PCB Design Success

Printed circuit boards are the backbone of electronics products, providing the electrical system upon which the performance, life span, and reliability of the end product depend. When designed correctly, products with high-quality circuitry will have lower field failure rates and fewer field returns, resulting in lower cost and higher profit for you. This paper discusses […]


Why PCB Design Constraints Should Drive Your Design Flow

This white paper will show you how a constraint-based PCB design can optimize the PCB design process, and improve time-to-market. See how with a correct-by-design methodology you can avoid integrity problems early in the design cycle, thus avoiding production delays and additional costs caused by required rework. Learn how PADS makes constraint management easy, intuitive, […]


Sapa develops new method to manufacture high ratio air cooled heat sinks

Sapa’s North America Technical Center (NATC)-a research, design and development center within Sapa Extrusions North America works to provide innovative solutions and products-has developed a new method of manufacturing high ratio air cooled heat sinks that are approximately eight percent more thermally efficient than the industry standard.


Processor power and energy efficiency

AutomationDirect announces the release of a new White Paper, “Processor Power and Energy Efficiency”, that explains how consumer electronic microprocessor improvements also provide a catalyst for industrial automation advancements. Modern electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets, etc. can be used to perform a myriad of tasks including messaging, photos, videos, music, alarms, day planners, […]


Understanding the root causes of axial cracking in wind turbine gearbox bearings

Modern Wind turbines are an important piece of our energy mix. Unfortunately, gearbox life issues have impacted their financial payback. Axial cracks in bearing raceways have become the major cause of premature gearbox failures in the latest generation of wind turbines, shortening life to as little as 1-2 years once damage is initiated. This paper […]