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Need functional parts or prototypes quickly? Quickparts Solutions’ exceptional technology, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®) is perfect for durable parts with fast turnaround. Capable of producing snap fit and living hinge designs Great choice for high-heat and chemically resistant applications Mechanical properties similar to Nylon and Polycarbonate parts Wide variety of materials and finishing options Complete […]


Bearing Solutions and Service for Wind Turbines

Schaeffler is one of the world’s leading rolling bearing manufacturers and has been producing bearings for wind turbines for over 30 years. We offer the right solution for every bearing position and a holistic concept that further increases the reliability of the rolling bearings in wind turbines: The Schaeffler Wind Power Standard (WPOS).


Conveyor helps streamline small part handling manufacturing

      To instantly download this case study and read how engineers were able to optimized the process of manufacturing butt splices and shorten production time, increased consistency and accuracy rates complete the form below.  


Flexible, robust, precise and efficient: The new benchmark in modular incremental encoders

Requirements vary according to the application, so finding the matching encoder is not an easy thing. As a remedy, Baumer offers a modular encoder platform. The incremental encoders of the OptoPulse series are available in all common flange designs, with solid or hollow shafts up to 15 mm, several connection options and max. 5000 line […]


Addressing Design Challenges in Heterogeneous Multicore Embedded Systems

Single-core processor designs for purpose-built devices used to the day. Now, heterogeneous multicore systems are quickly becoming the defacto architecture as devices are tasked to do more complex functions faster and more efficiently. In this paper, we’ll explore why hetero/multicore systems have become so popular and why many of our current procedures and practices must […]