View all of the AUTOSAR content at the Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF), a global conference for electrical/electronic design engineers, managers and executives supported by Mentor Graphics, IBM and SAE. You’ll be able to view everything from our four-part AUTOSAR development series which takes you through requirements & system-level design and software development & virtual […]


Vehicle Network Timing Analysis

Designing and implementing timing strategies for AUTOSAR-based vehicle networks has to take into account multiple network types, safety considerations relating to message delays, and the ability to test and predict performance of the entire network. This webinar will look at the timing models of CAN and FlexRay vehicle networks, some of the design and analysis […]


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Cyber attacks are increasing. Understand the threats to be protected.

Cyber ____. Fill in the blank: attack, breach, warfare, defense, security. Reports of cybercrime seem to be everywhere today, with the number of people affected growing rapidly. Wherever you operate in the renewable energy lifecycle, if your business uses technology, it’s a potential target. And just one attack could cost millions – not to mention […]


Managing Safety During Wind Farm Construction

Wind power has been in use for centuries and is becoming one of the leading mechanically based sources for renewable energy. Since the 1970s large interconnected wind-driven turbines and generators have been constructed in “farms” to generate electricity. Recently, these farms have grown to enormous size, using large wind turbines, blades and towers. Many of […]