Wind Turbine Transmission Study

The HDU 15/25 PV series of off-line fine filters are especially designed for the filtration of high viscosity lubricants on wind turbine transmissions. The large by-pass valve ensures a controlled operation of the filter systems, even at very low temperatures.


3D Printing with Color

Your application will help you decide what color quality you require in a 3D printer. Whether you’re printing conceptual models, architectural models, figurines, medical models or artistic pieces, color is clearly important for your 3D models. But to get true, life-like color, there is no alternative the the ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology from 3D Systems. […]


7 Key Considerations for Effective Chip-Package Thermal Co-Design… A High-Level ‘How To’ Guide

Chip-package co-design is important for several reasons. Designing a large high power die, e.g. a System-on-Chip (SoC) without considering how to get the heat out is likely to lead to problems later on, resulting in a sub-optimal packaging solution from cost, size, weight and performance perspectives. Historically IC design has considered the die temperature to […]


The 3D Opportunity to Increase Performance, Innovation and Growth

Download the Deloitte Review whitepaper to determine which AM or 3D printing path is best for your organization and how it will enable you, your managers and colleagues to understand: I: A Starting Point for Additive Manufacturing II: Supply Chain Evolution III: Product Evolution IV: Combined Supply Chain and Product Evolution Don’t get left behind […]


3D Printer Buyer’s Guide 2014

Download this new, 19-page 3D Printer Buyer’s Guide to learn: How to choose the right 3D printer for any application The key performance attributes to consider Why in some cases, acquiring multiple technologies may be the answer to satisfy your unique application needs And much more 3D Printing is more than just prototyping. Today, 3D […]