Improving RTOS Reliability with Process Model

The introduction of Nucleus Process Model to the Nucleus® Real Time Operating System (RTOS) maintains the key characteristics of an RTOS and adds many of the benefits of a large scale OS, such as dynamic task, library loading and unloading, memory access protection, and operational privilege control. This paper discusses the various dimensions of operating […]


Implementation of Redundancy in a Miniature Stepper Motor

Some of the recent research activities in the area of electric motor drives for critical applications (such as aerospace and nuclear power plants) are focused on looking at various fault tolerant motor and drive topologies. After discussing different solutions, this paper focuses on a miniature PM stepper motor design which falls in this fault tolerant […]


Everything under control – right where the action is with Smart Vision

CORSIGHT, the smart vision system developed by the technology company NET GmbH, is an all-round control system: the decentralised, digital image processing system is able to optimise production and logistics processes, monitor traffic flow, increase the safety of both machines and tunnels, and even control access to multi-storey car parks and toll roads. It combines […]


11 Top Tips for Energy-Efficient Data Center Design and Operation… A High-Level ‘How To’ Guide

The usage of data centers globally has skyrocketed in the past three to four years in response to growing demand for information storage and transfer from banks, hospitals, government bodies, telecom operators and hosting facilities. Data center power load (and therefore heat dissipation) footprints are continuing to rise, with greenhouse gas emissions from data centers […]


Disaster recovery planning

This document provides information on how to plan for and recover from events involving electrical system outages. It is designed for use by suppliers, installers, inspectors, and electrical product users. Electrical equipment exposed to water following a storm or a flood can be extremely hazardous if re-energized, but this topic is covered in a separate […]