How to Acquire the Best Application Advantage: Using Brushless DC Motors

Brushless motors are used worldwide for its’ basic benefit that optimizes performance per package size – – no other technology can match it. In addition, brushless brings tremendous advantages to many applications, combining the best features and benefits of past successful designs while incorporating unique advantages.


Streamlining PCB Assembly and Test NPI with Shared Libraries

This paper describes a technological implementation of libraries, classification systems, and rules that support DFA and assembly-line setup portability. It will also examine two specific engineering-process aspects of introducing a new PCB design into assembly manufacturing and the technical barriers to make the processes as lean as possible.


How To Improve Efficiency and the Bottom-Line for High-Mix Production

In this white paper we will explore how taking material, lines, machine constraints or shift patterns into account, can help you make changes that will improve results for real-world production in high-mix environments. You will see how to run what-if scenarios that consider different constraints and adjusting limits that are put in place for existing […]


Production Reshoring in North America and Domestic Aluminum Extrusions

In the past 20 years, domestic multinationals shifted millions of jobs overseas for growth opportunities and competitive cost advantages. While certain advantages to offshoring existed then, many have diminished or evaporated. Consequently, “reshoring” is emerging as domestic and international companies look to the United States and all of North America as the next great location […]


Calculating Life and Load Ratings for Radial Ball Bearings

When radial ball bearings rotate, the inner and outer rings and rolling elements are constantly loaded. This produces material fatigue and eventually bearing failure, and the total number of revolutions before a failure occurs is called the basic rating life. Understanding the published load ratings is an integral consideration when choosing a bearing, and this […]