The Advantages of Using Edge Bonded Shims

Precision Shims are used as compensators to absorb tolerances between mating components. They significantly reduce manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for each component to be precision machined in order to achieve the proper fit and function of the total assembly. During the assembly process, Shims provide adjustment to compensate for accumulated tolerances that significantly […]


Why pay for more than you need in motion control?

OEM needs can be quite different from the specialty machine builder when it comes to specifying motion control components. Learn how to select the best performance and value solution. Fill out this form to download the white paper:

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How to Ensure Bolted Joint Integrity When Using a Compression Limiter in a Plastic Assembly

Compression Limiters are used to protect plastic components in bolted joints and maintain a threaded fastener’s clamp load by eliminating plastic creep. To function properly, bearing surface beneath the bolt’s head must extend over the Compression Limiter to contact the plastic component. If this bearing surface is too small, the host component may not be […]


When to Apply External, Non-Captive and Captive Step Motor Actuators

A common way to generate precise linear motion is to use an electric motor (rotary motion) and pair it with a leadscrew to generate a linear actuation system. Depending upon what this linear actuator interfaces with it can be constructed in a number of different ways. This white paper will explain the different style of […]


Navigating the Complexities of Motion Systems

Now more than ever there are more options for motion design solutions covering a long list of varied technologies. It can be intimidating trying to navigate this sea of solutions if you do not understand some of the basic strengths and weaknesses of these technologies. This white paper will serve as a guide to understanding […]